Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dark RO Force - Jedi Quest

Ok here's the second part of my post. First use @warp um_fild02 25 144 you will see an npc there talk to him. After talking to him he will tell you that you have to pass the test there are only 2 test the item gathering quest and the question test.

Here's the list of the item for the first test:

Item Name Drop by: Recommended Map:
10 Bear Footskin Bigfoot pay_fild07
15 Blue Crystal Dark Poring prt_fild01

After gathering the item needed he will ask you a question like fill in the blank. Answer the first choice and walla. Congratulation because you are now a jedi!


Zack said...

hes telling me to go away, how is that?
base is 200 job is 100

nikko said...

It's called stupidity