Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dark RO Force - Padawan Change Job Quest

Ok for those who dont know where to change job to padawan first job of sith or jedi. I will be your guide first create a novice and make it lvl up to job 10. And then use @warp gef_fild01 92 40 there you can see yoda. He will ask you some items to make your own sword.

Here's the list of the item you will be needing.

Item Name Drop By Where to find
1 Blue Crystal Dark Poring prt_fild01
1 Saber Handle Pirate Skeleton treasure01
1 Gem Of Power Wootan Fighter um_fild02

After getting these item use @warp gef_fild01 92 40 again talk to yoda and he will telling you that there is some that can forge your weapon. Now use @warp comodo 334 224 you will see a black hole there the interstellar portal go inside of it then you can see a npc give him the item and he will forge now your sword. Now after getting the sword go to yoda again @warp gef_fild01 92 40. I will be posting soon the Sith And Jedi Change Job Quest

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